The European Shorthair Cat Club in Finland

The European Shorthair Cat Club in Finland (SER-FER) is a club for all those interested in the European cat. SER-FER was founded in October 1987, and it was Finland's first breed club with co-operation agreement with Suomen Kissaliitto. During these 30 + years, SER-FER has established its position in the Finnish pedigree cat activity. Certain modes of operation have rooted in our work but we welcome also new winds and ideas. SER-FER aims at keeping in touch with foreign cat clubs specialized in the European cats and it tries to comment on issues about this breed in domestic as well as in foreign publications.

SER-FER purpose is to promote planned breeding of the European cat in order to improve its general quality and its appreciation. The club gives assistance and advice in all matters concerning this breed, such as the heredity of colour variants and choosing a partner for a cat. Our members are European shorthair cat breeders, owners and other people interested in this breed (in Finland as well as in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and many other countries); owning a European Shorthair is not required from our members.



SER-FER publishes its own club magazine SERRY four times a year. It contains lots of useful information about cats. There have been articles for example about:
- taking care of your cat's fur, mating and care of kittens, colour genetics (heredity of coat colours)
- veterinarians' articles on cats' diseases, vaccinations, health in general
- breeding European Cats
- portraits of European cats, show cats as well as "household pets", all members can have their cat(s) presented in the magazine and with picture, of course
– interviews of feline judges
- members may put ads on the magazine of their studs and litters born / for sale.
And in every magazine, there's a summary of the main articles IN ENGLISH!


Club activities

SER-FER has its own "intermediary" for members' kittens and we also distribute ads and info-leaflets in shows. On the SERRY Kittens for sale-pages we only publish kittens whose parents are tested for FeLV and FIV and have a veterinary certificate of negative test results.

The club awards special prizes for its members' show cats; for example cats winning international titles get a rosette/medal/trophy. We try to keep our own info-desk in as many shows as possible. Every now and then we have our own non-judged special EUR-show. So far, we have had over 10 such shows. Some years we also have gatherings for our members on themes around European, their breeding or care.



SER-FER membership fee is EUR 25/year (2022). The club has a simple membership application form (click "Become a member") to get information on your coordinates and eventual Europeans. All received forms are always viewed as soon as possible.

Welcome to join the company of European Shorthair fans and our activities!